Cool Websites That Everyone Should Visit


gets bored at odd hours? Try these cool websites to get away from being bored.

I’ve used these interesting websites and they are great. They can make you laugh, have fun, or whatever else you want when you’re bored.

Today’s blog has a long list of 20+ cool websites to visit when you’re bored.

Let’s check out these fun websites on the internet. Explore each of them and tell me what you think about what you did.

20 Cool Websites, Interesting Websites, Fun Websites Everyone Should Know

If you don’t have anything to do and want to pass the time, here are some ideas.

If you’re bored, check out these cool sites.

To tell you a secret… Some of them are cool websites about cool gadgets, while others are cool websites about cool games, cool clothes, cool art, cool gifts, and much more.


Do you like to watch movies and TV shows?

Then you should try JustWatch. It is a platform for streaming guides that tells you what digital content you can stream, rent, or watch for free.

Just pick your country and start looking for your favourite shows, movies, or anything else they suggested.

It will tell you the names of the services that make it easy to watch.

Because I’m a big MARVEL fan, I recently used this website to find out if “Doctor Strange” was available to stream.

Down for Everyone or Just Me

As funny as it sounds, it is.

“DownForEveryoneOrJustMe” is what it’s called.

When you type in a website, the site tells you if it is currently up or down.

For example, if you can’t load or log in to Twitter, this site may tell you if Twitter is down (in real time) or if it’s just you because of a server conflict.

I definitely think this is a cool website on the web.

Have I Been Pwned

How could you make sure your password is safe?

Well, that’s why this site exists.

You just type in your email address.

It will tell you if your email address, password, and possibly other information were included in any database breaches.

Just look at the one that happened at Adobe in 2013, when more than 150 MILLION accounts were exposed.

You’ll want to find out right away if it happens to you.


This site might be helpful, but be careful.

This cool website lets you look at your files, domains, IPs, and URLs to find any viruses or malware.

It is now owned by Google. You can upload any file, and it will be checked for viruses with over 60 different virus scanners.

It’s a simple website that helps with big, cool things. Save this cool website for the next time you want to use it.

Big Think

Big Think is just for smart people!

Just kiddin… go to to find out about top words, motivational speeches, and lively interviews with experts from all over the world in a wide range of fields.

The Oregon Trail

This coolest educational game website will help you remember all the fun things you did as a child. Some of us played the Oregon Trail game in school, but only a small number of us got to the end.

Missed something remarkable? 😫 Check out this cool website on the web.


You can explore the broken wonders of the universe when you have fun. See what the Internet looked like 10 years ago and a lot more.


Have you tried travelling without leaving your home?

If not, you love this blog’s cool website.

MapCrunch puts you in a place on Earth by chance. All you need to do is look around.

The experience is one of a kind and really cool. Just try it.

Zoom Quilt

It’s a lot of fun.

You don’t need to do anything, though.

It runs on its own, and you don’t know when it will stop or stop zooming.

Best of all, you stop the runaway. Check it out for yourself.

Gravity Points

This cool website is the best way to kill time.

With the click of a mouse button, you can make small gravity centres all over your screen. This will keep you from getting bored.

At some point, it blows up, which is fun to see.


You may already know about this cool site.

I like that I can use this site twice a week.

It has a really cool stock photo, but all of the pictures are free to use.

Over two million stock photos are already here, which is a lot.

You can download different kinds of images from this fun website on the web. Most of the time, photos, vectors, and drawings.

You can also choose videos, GIFs, music, and sound effects that are free to use in your work.

Some of the pictures came from these cool websites.

Product Hunt

This website is really cool.

It lets you know about brand-new products that have just come out or been announced.

The community has a well-thought-out way of putting content into many different categories to make things easier.

You can look at products based on Topics, Upcoming Products, Collections, and Time Travel.

Every day, new products are added, and many of them come from startups you’ve never heard of.

You can put this on your list of cool gadget websites and visit it often to find out about new products and other things.

If This Then That

IFTTT may seem like a no-brainer, but it made the list of fun websites on the web.

This website connects the APIs of a lot of different websites and services so that they can work together in any way you want.

For example, you could make your smart light bulbs blink every time you get a new Twitter follower.

Or, when you post a photo on Instagram, it will also be posted on Facebook.

There are a lot of different things you could do. You could even do weird, useless things, like have your thermostat go up every time you upload a video to YouTube.

10-minute mail

At number seven is a website called “10-minute mail,” which gives you a temporary email address that only works for 10 minutes.

This is great if you find a website that requires you to sign up for an account to use it, but you know you probably won’t use it again and don’t want to give away your real email.

Now you can sign up with an email address you don’t care about, use the site for what you need, and leave.

Window 93

This cool website will take you back to when virtual games, entertainment, and fun were popular.

It’s called “Windows 93,” and it acts like the version of Windows that would have been around in 1993, if it existed.

You can also run Windows 93 on a virtual machine inside Windows 93.

There are obviously a lot of ways to waste time on this site, so I won’t say much more. You can just look around and see what you can find.


Want something different?

Something strange is on this cool website on the internet.

What is it?

A new way to pick the next book to read!

Whichbook has dozens of International glossaries of books written by many different authors.

I like how easy it is to use this website. You can look at books by World Map.

  • Find books by how they make you feel.
  • Books by plot and character
  • Books based on bestsellers
  • Map of the world books

You can find a great book to read, learn from, and laugh with.

Bored Panda

Bored Panda is a really cool website that I go to when I’m bored.

There are a lot of funny, crazy, and sometimes totally off-the-wall pictures and videos there.


I wouldn’t say it’s for kids because I use it too.

It’s a good website to waste time on when you’re bored.

Incredibox is an interesting way to make your own music. But don’t give you copyright (LOL!)

Find The Invisible Cow

When I found this cool website on the internet, I just about lost it.

On this fun website, you have to find the cow that can’t be seen.

Hint: You can’t see the cow.

Spend Elon Musk Money

Who wouldn’t want to spend money from Elon Musk?

What if I told you that you can buy as many things as you want with his money?

This can be done with this cool site. I would only be able to spend 5.077% of his wealth after spending for 5 minutes.

It’s a great way to pass the time. Did you try?


I found this funny website by accident, and it still amazes me.

It lets you read about how stupid other people are and laugh at them. Great for filling up time when you’re bored.

Have you ever played snake games on your phone when you were young?

Go to this website to think of new ways to play the old snake games.

The way the snake moves is controlled by how the mouse is moved. My final snake length score was 187, which I know is terrible.

What do you have?

Fail Blog

It has a lot of pictures and gifs of people failing.

Reading and watching the pictures and gifs is a lot of fun. I read 30 bad pictures to pass the time when I was bored.


One of the cool sites on this list is Uncrate.

It shows you some of the most amazing and cool gadgets, some of which you may not have heard of yet.

From designing motorcycles and cars to making a “Nothing Phone,” you can find all sorts of strange things here.

This fun article ends here…

I hope you enjoy the list of cool and fun websites to visit when you’re bored.

Tell us about your favourite cool websites.