Making Great Profiles On Social Media

Have you ever wondered how to make your social media profile even better? Or, have you been putting off making profiles because you don’t know what to do?

We’re giving you a list of awesome, tried-and-true tips that will help you make a social media profile that looks like it was made by a pro, no matter which channel you use. Let’s see which one can help you and get your social media campaign off the ground and flying toward success.

Use Your Business Name for the Social Profile

social media page, the name of the page should be your business name. Even though this might seem like a no-brainer, many businesses make a separate profile page for each product in order to get likes and followers for that product. They end up hoping to get likes on profiles for several different products, but customers aren’t that interested in following hundreds of pages for the same business. Knowing this, make sure you only make one page for your business and name it with the name of your business. This will give your followers a place to gather, and you’ll be able to promote more than one product on the page.

Choose a Memorable Username

Kissmetrics says that another great tip is to choose a username that fits your business and is easy for clients to remember. If you give out your username, this can help you get more followers and likes, and it can also help your clients remember what your page is called. If the username is easy to remember, they may even be more likely to talk about your business in a comment. Most businesses just use their own name for this, but if you can’t or have to limit the number of characters in the username, find something that works perfectly.

Keep the Same Username Across All Platforms

When you choose a username, it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s available on all of the platforms you want to use. Most likely, you will begin with Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. But you should think about other sites you might want to use in the future and claim your username before someone else does. Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are some other sites you might want to use. Think about whether or not you want to use these platforms, and then go ahead and claim your username. You can always make the profile private until you are ready to share it. If you can’t have the same username on every platform, try to make them as similar as possible.

Always Use a Profile Image

Do you want to be a Twitter egg with no face? Then, add a profile picture to all of your social media accounts. This is a great way to make it easy for clients to find your social media sites and let people know that your site isn’t spam.

Now, you may be wondering if you should use a picture of your face or a brand logo for your different profiles. Based on the Kissmetrics post I linked to in point 2, this depends on what kind of business you have. If your business is more personal, like being a musician or a motivational speaker, you can use a picture of yourself or someone people can relate to. But it’s usually a good idea to brand your profile photo and use a company logo or design for other businesses. But you don’t have to add your company’s name to the picture. Just think of something clever!

When Available, Use Those Cover Images

Most social media sites now have space for cover photos, which add a lot of style to your page. Many businesses just use stock photos, which can work, but as I said in point 4, it’s a good idea to brand your photos. Again, you can use a company logo or your company’s name in the design, but try to find images that don’t have a lot of type and are more open. Work with a graphic designer to create a great image. This will help all of your social media profiles look polished and complete.

Add Your Link to the Profile Page

Don’t pass up the chance to put a link to your site on your profile page. The great thing about most of the most popular social media sites is that they let you put your link in a prominent place on your profile. This makes it easier for people who follow you to click the link and go to your site. But don’t just use it in the space on your profile page; use it more than once by posting updates with links to different blogs, products, or services. This will get more people to click on your site, which will let your audience read more about your company and send them to specific places, making them more likely to buy from you.

Write a Professional Bio on All Social Sites

A bio is an important part of any social networking site, whether you can write a long one or not, like on Twitter, which has a character limit. Buffer has some great suggestions for how to write a professional bio, such as:

  • Rather than telling people about yourself, you show them what you’ve done.
  • Make sure your keywords are relevant to the people you want to reach.
  • Don’t use words that have been used a lot in your bio. Instead, write something new and professional.
  • Always answer the reader’s question to get them to follow your social page.
  • You could hire a funny person to write one or two lines at the end of the bio, or you could add your own personal touch. This can help get people to keep coming back to the site.
  • Make sure you read over your bio often and make changes when you need to. A new bio is a good idea, just like having new content on your website is. Give your readers something new.

Make Sure All Images Follow the Sizing Rules for the Site

Each social site has different rules about how big your profile picture, cover image, and any other photos you upload should be. Sometimes, the channels will resize the image for you, which can make it blurry or cause other problems, so you should always try to follow the rules. It can be hard to remember the sizes of the images you need for each, but Hootsuite’s social media template guide has a great guide at the end. Check it out and make sure that all of your social media images are the right size.

Utilize SEO (or SMO) Tactics for Social Media Profiles

When it comes to your social media profiles, you have a great chance to help your site’s SEO. Search Engine Examiner says that this is called “SMO,” which stands for “social media optimization.” Remember that everything you do online is another way to help you rank. You’ve already put in place the keywords that will help people find your website and blogs. Now is the time to use those same keywords in your social media profile and markup tags. Use some of them in your bio and in the posts you use. But you should always remember not to use too many keywords. If you fill your social profile with keywords, you can still get in trouble for it.

Link to Your Other Social Media Platforms

When you make a new profile on a social site, let people know and link to the other site. This will also work if you only have a few people following one site. For example, if you have a lot of followers on Facebook but not many on Twitter, post a status update on Facebook telling people to follow you on Twitter. If you can, put links to other social channels in your profile, or talk about the different channels often. If you just made an Instagram or Pinterest account and want people to start following you quickly, you should do this.

Stay Consistent With All of Your Information

Many social media experts say that one great tip is to make sure that all of your information is the same on all platforms. When your information and branding are the same across all of your platforms, you look and feel very professional. This is especially true if it is also the same on your website. This can make your followers feel like they know you and even bring in new customers. Also, make sure that your content and information are always up-to-date. Keeping your profile up-to-date can take time, but it’s a good idea.

Now, Make Awesome Social Profiles Happen!

If you haven’t set up a social profile yet or haven’t done much with the ones you already have, now is the time to do so! Use these tips to write great profiles that will help your business get new customers and make more money. Having a professionally made social profile is just one more way to help your business grow and become the successful venture it should be.