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People like to share pictures and videos with Snapchat, which makes it an interesting and fun app. They can also share their profile with anyone they want on other apps, like Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Gmail, and many more. This gives them a better chance of connecting with people.

With Snapchat, meeting new people is easy. But now, Snapchat users can only share their photos and videos with their friends. This is a bit frustrating because many people want to make unique content and reach a bigger audience these days.

Well, that’s great news for every Snapchatter. Users can also create a public page on Snapchat. Snaps aren’t just about sending them to your friends and making streaks. With Snapchat’s public profile feature, you can now be recognized and known by many users all over the world.

With Snapchat’s public profile, you can share your content with other users so they can follow you to learn about new content. Let’s look at some of the other reasons you might want a public Snapchat profile.

What are the advantages of  Snapchat Public Profiles?

  • Users can get their content seen by more people than just their friends. Their content can be shown on their profiles.
  • Their profile can be followed by more people, and if you open a business Snapchat public profile, then you can get more buyers. 
  • In a private profile, users can only share content with their friends, but in a public profile, anyone who has access to their profile can see the content they share.
  • If they are verified, there will be a yellow checkmark next to their ID name on their profile.
  • You have a shop option on your profile so that users can purchase things from your website.
  • If you have a business account, you can put the URL for your brand in your public profile so your users can visit the external links.
  • Your profile also has a shop option that your users can use to buy things from your website.
  • Your profile also has a shop option that your users can use to buy things from your website.

Some benefits of having a  public profile on Snapchat are listed above. We’ve talked about the benefits of using Snapchat’s public profile. Now, let’s talk about what you need to know to set up a public profile.

What you need to know about making a public Snapchat profile

Before we can create a public profile, we need to know what the requirements are.

Requirements For Public Snapchat Profile

If you want to create a public profile, you need to meet a few basic requirements.

  • To use these features, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • It is suggested that people use Snapchat for more than 24 hours after installing it. 
  • They must have at least one friend from another direction. In other words, they should have a friend who has sent them a “add friend” request, or they should have sent one to the user themselves.
  • Now that we know the basic requirements, let’s create a public profile.

Creating a Public Profile

If you can satisfy all of the above requirements, you are ready to create a public profile. So let’s get started.

    • When users open the Snapchat app, they’ll first seething they’ll see is a list of lenses they can try, along with their profile icon (a bitmoji if they’ve set one, or just a profile icon if they haven’t).


    • Then, when they open it, they will see their bitmoji picture at the top. If they click on that, they will see pop-up options like “create a public profile” and “add to spotlight.” First, they have to choose “Create a public profile.”


    • Also, after they choose “create public profile,” they will see another option that says “get started.”


    • Also, if they choose “Create a public profile,” they will get a confirmation pop-up that says “Create” If they post a snap, the name of their account will be visible on the spotlight or snap map. Their profile will also show any lenses they’ve made and marked as researchable. 


    • After you tap on Create, you will be back on Your profile page. In the Public Profile, you will see your new public profile. Tap on “My Public Profile”.


  • After clicking on that option, their public profile is created.

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How to Create and Manage Public Snapchat Profile for Businesses

Snapchat for business is a free online platform that businesses of all sizes can use. So, let’s start by looking at how to create a business account, and then we’ll look at how to manage it.

Creating a Snapchat Business Profile

Now, here are the steps you need to take in creating a business profile: 

  1. Users can sign in to their account if they already have one. If they haven’t used this app before, they need to sign in at 
  2. After going to that site, they will need to click the yellow “get started” button at the top right of the page.
  3. Then they will see the page to sign up (to make their first ad), which they must fill out in full.
  4. After you signed in, they successfully made your profile. 
  5. Now they have to create their business profile by clicking “create a business profile.”
  6. They can also see a page that says, “welcome to ads manager. What is your business name??” They have to fill out things like “business name,” “business email,” and “your name” on that page. then click “next” at the bottom of the page.
  7. When they click “next,” they will see a new page that asks, “Where do you do business?” On that page, they will have to fill in details like “country,” “currency,” and “user’s phone number.”
  8. Then, on the next page, they will have to choose “What is their advertising goal.”

After making a public business profile, you can now use Snapchat to log in and manage your business account.

How to run a Snapchat business profile

After making a business profile, it’s easy to take care of it in the Snapchat app: 

  1. Users have to sign in with their Business Profile ID in order to manage their business profiles.
  2. After logging in to their profile, they can put their 150-word bio in their profile.
  3. Then, they have to choose a category for which they have already made a Business Profile.
  4. In the next step, they can choose whether or not to keep a link to their business website on their Snapchat business profile.
  5. Then, in the next step, they have to choose the city, state, and country where they are doing business.
  6. After filling out all of the information, the user has to choose “Create a profile” at the end.
  7. The business profile for them has now been made.
  8. This was at first about managing the details of a newly made profile. Now, it’s about actually managing the profile in the app.
  9. On their profile page, users can choose from a number of options for how to handle their Business profile.
  10. As soon as a user creates an account, they can log in through the app, which isn’t required from the website’s “business manager,” and start uploading videos and photos. 
  11. They can also see how well the app is doing in the app. You can also add lenses you made from the “lenses” section of the profile matrix to your profile, where other users can see and use them.
  12. In their subscribed section, their subscribers can see what they have to offer.

All of these were about making business profiles on Snapchat and taking care of them.

If there is a problem, how do I fix it?

Snapchat users who no longer want to keep their business or public snapchat profile can delete them for good.

  1. When you open Snapchat and click on your profile picture in the top left corner, you will see your profile page.
  2. Now, if they scroll down, they will see the “public account” option. Clicking on that will show their public account.
  3. In the top right corner of their profile, they will see an icon that looks like a gear. If they click on that, they will go to the page where they can change their settings.
  4. They will see the “delete public account” option when they scroll down that page. Select that choice.
  5. Then the last confirmation window will pop up. When you click “delete” on that pop-up, the account will be gone for good.

This is how Snapchat users can delete their accounts for good.


Snapchat is a great app, and its users can show off their skills by making videos and pictures and uploading them. This way, users can show their content to more people. It’s also good for businesses, since they can show their products, put a link to their website shop, and get benefits. Businesses of all sizes, from medium to large, can benefit from using Snapchat’s business profile for their businesses. This app is also fun and interesting for other people to use.